Sons of Good Earth (Reaction)

I was surprised on how much I enjoyed the movie Sons of Good Earth, which was created and directed by King Hu. The story and the character development was presented in a clear way but yet not so obvious. It kept me interested just enough to want to figure out the theme of the story and discover the true intentions of these characters. The main thing that stuck out to me during the screening of this film was the set design. If you are familiar with film and what goes on behind the scenes, its not hard to spot when a certain location is fabricated. But even though I knew the set was fake, the amount of work that went into the detail was astonishing. After watching this film, I decided to read a little bit more about King Hu and how he got started. Surprisingly, I found out that he started as a set designer. This made so much more sense knowing that he probably not only had a lot of say in directing the actors but he had an eye for every little detail in the background. This gave me a new found respect for him knowing that he appreciated and worked hard for not only the big, but the small things as well. One example of the set was the the main couples house interior. That location was dressed up in a way that really told you a lot about the characters with having to actually say it and save dialog space. Thats how directors can tell more with less words. Its also less boring that way when watching the movie.


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