Come Drink With Me

This movie was very entertaining! This was the film that started it all for future martial arts movies. Even though that this style of fighting is technically called wu xia, for some reason it got lost in translation over the years. King Hu was the visionary director who introduced this new style of movie making to the world, and Come Drink With Me is the movie where he first did it. The plot is layered and  full of intriguing politics and power plays. There’s always more going on than meets the eye. It manages this without being at all difficult to follow. This is saying a lot knowing that at least for me I had to read the subtitles.

The one thing that I enjoyed the most about this film was the style of editing. As I started to read a little more about King Wu, I have been learning that he had big visions of how he saw things done and he didn’t let any set back keep him doing so. The style of this film called for a lot of innovations for that time. A lot of what was done in that film had never been done before. Hu’s approach to choreographing and filming the sword fights raised the bar of Hong Kong martial arts movies. When Chang Hsuan was cornered in the courtyard, the way the cuts were quick and sped up made what might of looked ungraceful in real life completely fluid and effortless. Of course there were many issues with some of the editing but i am ignoring silly mistakes because of how hard and intricate it was back then. I am just focusing on the general direction he went with what he had to make his vision come true. Over all, I enjoyed this movie and recommend for others to see it. hqdefault.jpg


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