Dragon Inn

Dragon Inn was a great film and had very good plot points. One aspect of the film that I really enjoyed was the sound design for the movie. Yes, even though it sounds really cheesy when you watch it now, Back then I believe it carried the movie far. There were so many intense sequences that if you didn’t have good sound effects, I think the intensity would of dropped immensely. Everything from the sword sounds when they clashed together in the heat of battle, or the sound of arrows flying through the air seeking their victim. King Hu also used sound as a Motif in the film. Towards the end when the final fight took place, they used a certain sound to alert the audiences that the asthma was effecting the king. Another thing I notices was the way these sounds sounded. There was definitely a fantasy spin on it. I have watched other movies during this time period and the sounds are more realistic. So either it was bad judgment on the sound guys or they really wanted to make everything sound a bit different from reality.

39martialarts-dragongateinn (Custom).jpg




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