A Touch of Zen

When watching this movie, I can’t help but imagine what King Hu was thinking about through all these scenes. Where his ideas come from. The sets and locations were what really astounded me. The actors are more like props than people. I focused way more on how big the locations were and how much bigger that made the movie feel. The action set pieces seem to last forever as well. With “Zen,” Hu doubled on violence that could also boast extreme visual beauty. I researched that Hu had a favorite trick when editing action sequences in these locations. He liked to cut from people about to kick butt to a sudden insert shot of them flying through the air, then a cut to them landing. I read that David Bordwell calls it the “glimpse”. The quick, disconnected editing stresses that gives us a crazy rush. I keep getting amazed of how much detail he went into making these movies. Ever since I started learning about him, I haven’t been able to compare any other director as motivated as him so far



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