Legend of the Mountain

As I was researching the actors for this movie, one that caught my eye was Sylvia Chang. She truly has lived an inspiring career. She has been an actress, starting in the 70s when she was only 16, moving up to writing, Directing and producing. The films she directs tend to have a more contemporary theme. A notable feature of her films is the range of animation and special effects she puts in them. Chang once said of her films that, “I’ve always felt that animation or special effects shouldn’t just be limited to science-fiction films and their ilk. Dramas can also play around with them. I found this super interesting because of the roll she plays in the film “Legend of the Mountain.” This movie was filled with really cool effects for there time. You could see the hard work and time that went into it. I wonder if she got interested in special effects through her role in that film with King Hu. images.jpeg


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