Raining in the Mountain

Something I learned about the making of this film was  that King Hu was truly the author of the film, being credited with the screenplay, direction, art direction and editing. And this film wasn’t a small one. Yes it was shot in one location but to take charge and to be a perfectionist of all the details must of been exhausting, and yet he was filming an entire different movie at the same time at the same place. That just goes to show you is determination and passion for the art of film. One of the coolest parts of the movie that I thought was genius was when the women warriors at the end subdue the girl thief. They used their fabric that was apart of there cloths. The way it was choreographed was amazing. It was very stimulating to the eye. The movement flowed very well. This style of fighting gave them there own unique sense of trying from wherever they came from. It was a lovely surprise. I think that is what i like most about King Hu films is that there are always small experimental surprises that make his films so unique. raining-in-the-mountain-02-g.jpg


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